Knowledge Management Solution

Client Challenges

  • The Client had their call centers all over the US. The customer care executives had to access multiple systems to get information from various knowledge base   systems.
  • This led to low customer satisfaction and more time to process a customer query
  •  Huge trouble in notifying the new plans and releases of the organization for the call centers across North America..
  •  Duplication of same work across multiple systems.

Cool Minds Highlights

  • Our solution integrates multiple systems and data using Sharepoint as the core knowledge management platform
  • Our solution uses SharePoint Server 2010 running on Windows® Server 2008
  • The complete knowledge management solution is managed using SharePoint's core capabilities.
  • Many functionalities have been incorporated by customizing SharePoint and its features.
  • The solution topics and contents are dynamically driven based on the login and security.
  • Customized Search and publishing features.


  • Single solution across all regions in North America.
  • Highly scalable and performance driven application used in the Call Center Production environment.
  • Highly extensible solution with changes incorporated with little impact.

Tools and Technology

  •       SharePoint 2010
  •       ASP.NET web parts
  •       SQL Server 2008


  • 18000+ users
  • 1000+ documents per week
  • Expected to scale up for 1,00,000 users by year end.
  • Customer Speaks

"I think that the cool minds Team made a HUGE difference to the company and were a significant factor in us having a succesful Knowledge Management Platform"

Shawn Dennard( Engagement Manager )