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Application Integration is quite common nowadays. You see new systems coming into the IT landscape due to mergers and acquisitions. There are instances otherwise where you want existing system data to be interfaced with a new set of systems. You cannot retire the system but need to figure out a way where disparate systems and legacy systems start speaking to each other and exchange data seamlessly.Our App Integration COE have built solutions using Enterprise Bus and Frameworks which can help in making disparate or new systems to connect seamlessly and interchange data.

Recently for one of our banking customers we used Biztalk as the middleware engine to connect, integrate legacy mainframe system with a newly built solution App Integration Services is an area where right expertise matters. Here we need to look at various options like Data level Integration, Middleware Level Integration and Application front end level integration. A robust framework, proven methodologies, expertise in integrating complex and critical systems is what we bring to the table. Our COE demonstrates some of the integration best practices and live examples of what kind of challenges you would face and how you need to approach them.