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Every product has a shelf life. As technology evolves the requirements of what your business system should do also increases. Lack of support to the old product is also a driver for application upgrade and migration. All these reasons make the business house to look for upgrades and migrations.Upgrade and Modernization requires deep expertise in legacy system product architecture and also expertise on the new platform. Cool Minds App Migration COE has helped various customers in successfully migrating their business solutions to new platforms.

Recently ES team has implemented a solution for a Insurance client where we migrated their portal solution built on SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.The challenges were plenty here. Maintaining the same customer user experience and enriching the same with new capabilities and features of Sharepoint 2010 was the key for the success of this project. ES team used the right migration strategy and ensured that the business got the same capabilities and experience what the previous solution had. Also new features available in the new product were also capitalized. Cool Minds App migration COE has expertise on various Microsoft products. They can help business houses in migrating their current solutions to the new stack with no business impact.